Wednesday, August 16, 2006

These Days

I'm sitting on my new couch in my new apartment and things are just fine. Last night was my first night here. I'm still not quite sure why I moved in the first place. Pretty much just cause I got it in my head and I have a hard time getting stuff out of my head. The house I was living in was really sweet and close to work and cheap and my roommates were great. Sometimes I do stupid stuff---like moving now, but I usually make it work out in the end.
Work sucks but it sucks in a way that it's almost funny how bad it sucks. It gives me something to complain about and we all need that sometimes.
My ward is amazing. I actually have friends and stuff to do.
My parents are coming to town tomorrow. I miss them a lot and I'm crazy excited to see them. Too bad I'm leaving for Gilmore Guy's wedding on Friday but that's pretty exciting too. My parents will be here when I get back and my little bro will have joined them.
I really need to start running to get in shape for the St. George marathon. Gilmore Guy has been doing like 12 miles a day so he'll beat me. I might be able to keep up with Pinetree though. I hear he is eating a lot of burritos these days.
I think running more would give me more time to think about stuff which would help me come up with material for my blog. Right now I pretty much just think all day about how to get the people at work to stop freaking out and then I come home and think about how I can get to bed. When I have free time I think I'd really like to buy a car and I should really find my checkbook so I can pay my bills.