Monday, January 1, 2007

The Best Year Ever

If today is any precedent for how the rest of 2007 will go, I'm thinking this will be a pretty good year. Monday Januay 1, 2007 was the second Monday in a row that didn't suck. The first thing I saw at 12:00 am was Pinetree doing something incredibly ballsy in a plaza in downtown Salt Lake with fireworks exploding behind him (Pinetree, you better tell about your heroic act on your blog). I didn't have to go to work today. I slept till almost noon. I got a free lunch (er breakfast) from a great family. I had a jamba juice and Costa Vida for supper and was introduced to Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's been 9 days since I was last at work. Going back tomorrow is not really appealing.
I spent Christmas and last week with family in Washington. Christmas day was one of the best days I've had in recent memory. My amazing family gets credit for that great day. I really, really love my family.
The delayed flight back to Utah on New Years Eve gave me plenty of time to think about life--where I've come from, where I am, and where I'm going. 2006 was a pretty sweet year, possibly the best year ever. I really think it was. I graduated from college, got a real job, moved a whole 40 miles from Provo to start a new life, made some great new friends. I basically grew up. The last semester at BYU was definitely one of my favorites. I took the classes I always wanted to take, worked out on a regular schedule, had the best group of friends, and was the king at both my jobs. There were lots of high highs in 2006 and a couple of real lows. I'm resolute about not repeating the mistakes of 2006 in 2007. There's one story line from my life last year that hasn't had the happy ending we always hope for. Time has healed some of those wounds. There are still cuts inside of me that I need to work on from that. I hope the pain I caused to others will continue to heal as well.
I have some goals and plans for this year that I may or may not follow through on. If I do everything I'm shooting for this year, you'll hardly recognize me when 2008 comes around--I'll be 20 pounds heavier, have a firmly toned body, be a spiritual giant, be making a lot more money, and be straight (kidding about that one).
Every new year I wonder where I'll be next year at this same time. I'm sure a lot of my plans for 2008 will fall through and I'm sure 2007 will have all kinds of crazy blindsliding twists and turns I can't try to predict now. I'm getting used to the uncertainty. It's good to know that I can choose my response to the things I can't control. Wherever I end up next year, I'm confident it will be just fine. Things always work out (eventually).