Monday, April 30, 2007

Then the morning comes

Life is pretty dull right now. I sleep a lot and I'm never really excited when the morning comes.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Friendly Neighbors

My neighbors at the Bountiful High School Parent Teacher Association are threatening to withdraw from the National PTA over an ad in the PTA national publication advertising a college scholarship for homosexual students. I know most people in Bountiful are nice people trying to raise good families but it always scares me when people who think they are doing what is right do something that is so clearly wrong.

Click here for the link:
Ad for gays in PTA magazine attacked

I should probably try to find a copy of the actual letter before ranting too much, but based on the article this looks pretty bad.

One quote that particularly bugged me from the article:
Allowing the advertisement "to appear in a publication supported by our dues monies" assumes Bountiful PTA's "support of 'gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning high school students and their supporters.' ''

It's like they're saying that straight kids get parental and educational support but if you happen to have feelings that make them feel icky you're out on the curb.

The whole idea that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that can be promoted or caught like the common cold is probably what upsets me the most. I wish people in general and people in the church particularly could somehow find out that homosexuality is a condition, not a choice. I wish they could understand that attempts to hide and suppress even talking about it in Utah may keep it out of their puritanical little minds for a little while but will only aggravate the pain and loneliness for those of us who deal with it.