Saturday, June 9, 2007

Old e-mail 4/17/06

First in a series of e-mails I wrote last year to a new friend who found me through my blog:

"Good to hear from you so quickly. Honestly, my blog is probably not the best place to get to know me just cause the nature of blogging is that we write all our deepest and darkest crap that we wouldn't really say to people's faces---but then maybe that's the best way to get to know me. The blogosphere honestly is full of of some crazy ideas though, so don't think that's the way you've got to think or anything. Sounds like you're doing something that works for you so keep at it.
About meeting other SSA guys, I totally understand. I met my first SSA friend a little less than 2 years ago almost on accident. That gave me a taste of how cool it could be to have people to really relate to and honestly it gets kind of addicting... it's a new fight just to make sure that I don't spend all my time with SSA friends and ignore my straight friends. But it is good, and I wouldn't do it differently. My last two years at BYU have definitely been my best just cause I have finally had people to really be friends with. Pretty much all the SSA guys I've met at BYU have been nothing but supportive and helpful as I've tried to scrape my way through this crazy life. Now I look back and wonder how I ever did it alone.
Anyway dude. So you go to BYU? Good luck with the last couple days of school and finals and stuff.
Keep in touch,
[el veneno]"

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